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Lookin to get downn

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Lookin to get downn

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Get down During the disco and funk era, in many venues the dance floor was often located below the seating area, so to "get down" was to go down to the dance floor. Originally meant in reference to dancing, eventually leading to sexual implications.

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What does "get down" mean?

I hope that answers your question Presl, if you have more questions about the song, just post a comment below. How to use get down in a sentence. Sometimes it can be quite embarrassing.

Get down on (phrasal verb) definition and synonyms | macmillan dictionary

The price of the stock went down yesterday. Are there any other parts that are specifically confusing you?

The plane went down in flames. Something strange is going down around here.

They don't mention anything directly but you can understand what they are speaking about if you understand what "get down" usually refers to. The medicine went down without any trouble at all.

To lower, sink, or fall. Crawford led off the sixth with a dodnn and scored on a single by Haggerty, who had failed to get down a bunt on his first two pitches. I am not sure though, since I am not a native speaker. I did not want to go down those steep stairs.

Go down with something

I posted this YouTube video below so that you can read the lyrics and hear the song at the same time. See Morein the meaning defined at transitive sense 1 Keep scrolling for more Learn More about get down Share get down.

I ran into a couple of questions when I was listening to a song called "Get Down" which sung by Backstreet Boys. Experience defeat or ruin, as in They went down fighting, or The boxer went down in the first round. She will go down as a tto famous woman. Well, the thing is, it seems some words in the lyrics are related to sexual terms. What made you want to look up get down?

Does "get down" mean something sexual?

I don't think my business proposal went down too well with the board members. To be accepted, tolerated, or acknowledged. when I was listening to a song called Get Down which sung by Backstreet Boys​.

Geg went down when he was struck on the chin. Decrease, subside, as in After Christmas prices will go down, or As soon as the swelling goes down it won't hurt as much. got any replies, which just make me ask myself - Are they even sexual terms​??? I know what it feels like to sing along to a song and not know exactly what you are saying.

Does "get down" mean something sexual?

Well, I posted my question about this song at UsingEnglish. What's going down? We'll just have to wait awhile to see how all this goes down. A most useful term. Send us feedback. Originally meant in reference to dancing, eventually leading to sexual implications. There are two meanings that apply to the song.

Go down - idioms by the free dictionary

seem to refer more t the sounds of the music, now that I look at it closer. Definition of GET DOWN ON (phrasal verb): keep criticizing someone or something. I am going crazy!! See also: downgo go down something to descend something; to fall down something.

Well Now You Have," 20 Aug. Hot wife free personal ads, to answer your question; Yes, the song is sexually orientated, but not explicitly. Get down definition is - to manage to swallow. For example, Don't let the baby go down the stairs alone, or The sun went down behind the hill, or I was afraid the plane would go down, or The ship went down and all hands were lost. Herfever wentdown.

However, it also means "to be cool with". Please tell us where you read or. The deer went down when it was hit with the arrow. Police are still investigating the site where the private plane went down last night.

Be accepted or believed, as in How did your speech at the convention go down? I want to keep my website a friendly and clean place so thankfully this song is not extremely explicit.

The pilll took simply would not go down. See also: downgo go down in history as someone or something to be recorded for history as a ificant person or event. So, I figure, may I ask you these questions personally, Diana? That is why I want to know what these words mean exactly; what they are singing about exactly.

Does "get down" mean something sexual? We need to get home before the sun goes down!