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Hot girl baring

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Does it sound familiar? You may have seen the phrase circling social media in captions and tweets, as it makes it rounds across the digital sphere. Miley CyrusChloe x Halle and Jada Pinket-Smith have all indulged in the viral phenomenon by posting photos of themselves with the accompanying phrase, decked in summer-ready attire ready to brave the heat. The album art giel "She's thee hot girl and she's bringin thee heat".

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After two dates with whom yes, two! I was outraged, I felt cheated and I resisted this potentially wonderful thing out of commitment to the summer sesh.

I went out with my friends more. Does it sound familiar?

Borrowed from queen Rihannaof course. I had a weeklong trip to Barbados on the horizon. Need more inspo on what to wear to kick start your summer like a celeb? With the same person!

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Let me be that bitch. In reality the whole endeavour left me without any money booze, dresses and red lipstickexhausted and unwilling to recognise something — or rather someone — pretty great in front of me. My Instagram game slowed, my heart wasn't in the cause. I wanted to switch up my hair and overhaul my Instagram with thirst trap snaps for all those ridiculous guys who ask for your Instagram handle rather than your phone.

Red lipstick, an off-the-shoulder top and tequila.

Hot girl baring her body and fondles her pussy

It certainly wasn't going to come from me, not now. And the rest is internet history. Miley CyrusChloe x Halle and Jada Pinket-Smith have all indulged in the viral phenomenon by posting photos of themselves with the accompanying phrase, decked in summer-ready attire ready to brave the heat. That lipstick never fails!

This was no longer about the thrill of the incidental hook-up, nor the mindful dinner dates with unappealing men. This was about looking good, feeling great and letting the boy stuff fall into place around my unapologetic, party-bringing, all-day glowed-up existence.

The birth of Hot Girl Summer did make me realise, though, that whatever wild wave I was riding would probably be better or at least a little less rogue if I aligned it with the way of life the rest of social media was celebrating. That, my friends, is the recipe for Bad Gal Jazzy. This idiot is about to claim Hot Girl Summer.

15 skin-baring silhouettes to brave 'hot girl summer ' | buro 24/7 malaysia

Advertisement But then Megan Thee Stallion redefined the season. I danced harder to my favourite songs.

And hey, I was pretty good at it. Good time, not a long time, remember?

Advertisement Christ, it was exhausting. The new boy is still around and I'm on my best behaviour. It was a blast and my alter ego thrived like she'd never thrived before, but the journey wasn't anywhere near what I thought the social media-fronted pursuit of 'best life in real life' oh, the irony would feel like.

Photo Courtesy of Jazmin Kopotsha But then another boy came along. It's the end of August and I feel neither hot nor sexy. A great one.

Great, I thought. I said yes barring more dates and I embraced the attention I got from guys who vibed off my hot girl shit.

Get comfortable in skin-baring silhouettes, cheeky cut-outs and thigh-skimming hemlines to keep and look cool. Check out our picks below: I frolicked in the sun. A positive spin on my potentially catastrophic fixation, if you will.

Hot girl baring her body and fondles her pussy

It's the end of summer and I'm tired and broke with little more than a few cool photos to show for it. Comes with its own theme tune. Let's see if I can manage a sincerely Sexy September. The internet pointed right at her like the guardian angel I never knew I needed, and we were introduced to the collective Hot Girl Summer as we know it now.

How my hot girl summer went cold

Their tulle creations with the Ht slogans are revisited as sheer, short-sleeved T-shirts, just in time for the sweltering weather. Autumn now hovers on the horizon and the perhaps misguided brand of sexy that I've been championing in the last few months seems even more silly. I complained that my sexy summer was ruined because I kinda liked him.

tirl Having to collect your Apple Watch from the other side of town the morning after the heaviest night of your life is not the one. Time went by, the new boy lingered on my mind and I was increasingly aware that I was projecting fun but not really living it.

It's a wonder that I came out of Jaz's Braing Summer alive with just a few bruises and embarrassing stories to share with you all.